Highland Park Foliage | Blue Jay Visits

red fall foliage 2014
The leaves turn red, yellow and orange only one time per year, in October and November. If one is busy elsewhere, one might completely miss photographing the colors. I see I have photographed Highland Park foliage (Highland Park, New Jersey, that is) for each year that this blog has existed (even in 2012, after my father died and Hurricane Sandy came to visit, I had at least one post with a bit of fall foliage). This post is for those of you in places like Israel or California who don’t get to see the autumn colors.

foliage bald cypress
My bald cypress tree has grown quite big. Here you can see how it (upper left in the photo) turns orange in the fall. It is bigger than we expected when the borough planted the tree about ten years ago.

foliage red yellow
My neighbor has a tall red maple across the street that shows up in all these foliage photos. Will have to remember to study it changing more carefully next autumn.

blue jay in feeder
I looked outside my kitchen window, and I saw a big bird in our feeder. I came out with my camera, and the blue jay flew away quickly. I waited quietly about ten minutes in one spot, and my reward was a blue jay came back to the feeder. Happy to capture this fast bird with my camera.

blue jay flies off
Almost as quickly as the blue jay came, it flew off. Happy to get the blue jay in motion!

Last Friday I filled my bird feeder with some seeds that were exclusively black oil sunflower seeds. No birds seem to pay any attention – indeed, I saw no birds in my yard. But I now think it was just the extra cold weather; by Saturday noon, all the seeds had been munched. We actually had snow on Thursday night, but it only stuck to the ground in other parts of the state, probably in higher elevations.

My nasturtium and marigolds died last Thursday night in the frost. If you are a gardener, you will know there is a little bit of sadness when your annuals die. My snapdragons survived the cold weather – nice to see those bright colors.

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16 thoughts on “Highland Park Foliage | Blue Jay Visits

  • The red is magnificent! Fall colours practically DEMAND that we take photos of them so I expect to see them on your blog (and mine) next year too.

    Lots of birds love black oil sunflower seeds. Once they find your feeder they’ll be back. We also feed our local bluejays a few (five or six) peanuts in the shell every day…usually early in the morning. If they hear our kitchen door open they fly by the feeder to check it out. And if I leave the house without giving them a few peanuts they call out to tell me I’ve forgotten something. πŸ™‚

    • Ah, thanks for the tip about the peanuts!

      Those birds gobble up the black oil sunflower seeds faster than I can type. Weather was too miserable (rainy) today to fill the feeder. Hoping for a bit of sun tomorrow.

  • It’s sweet of you to share these lovely Fall colors with our friends who don’t experience them. When I lived in California I began to miss the four seasons, especially this time of the year which is my favorite. The photos of the Blue Jay made me smile. They are hard to photograph.

    • Yes, regarding the blue jays – they visit my yard every now and then, but they often seem busy and on their way elsewhere. So I don’t always get a photograph, even if I’m out with my camera. Now, the sparrows, they are always available! And they pose for the camera.

  • Oh I love the red maples for their beautiful fall color as we have many silver maples that turn yellow instead. I bet the jays are grabbing a few seeds to hide away for bad weather. Most birds love sunflower… Good choice…. Michelle

  • Those red maples are stunning-such vibrant tones!

    Ah, those blue jays…I love them…love the one in motion!

    The first photo reminds me of a watercolor…one you could have painted. (please do…lol)

    • Lorri, a watercolor of the foliage or of the bird? Maybe I *will* do that one next; I’m getting stuck with exercises. Too many “go out and …” – and I like to be in my dining room.

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