JPiX Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival 2015

It’s been quite a while since the last JPiX – the Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival. Today’s edition visits New York City; Jerusalem; the Negev; Edison, NJ; Crimea; the Galil; Washington, DC and more. We welcome your comments and visits to all the various posts.

In this edition, I highlighted on this blog carnival post a few words from the participant or a little explanation of the image. If you find a photo you really like, please click on the thumb here to visit the post with the photo and leave a comment there.

crimea by Leah cemetery by Leah strings bridge
“This is my community in Crimea. I am far from them now, having left when we were surrounded by foreign tanks and troops. But my heart is with them and I am very fearful for their safety! The situation worsens daily. We are trying to get funds for the desperately needed security systems and guards for 3 buildings. You can help us at the following link: ” – visit her post for the link.

On the cemetery: “There’s a Jewish custom, which many people do, to leave a small stone on the grave when visiting. My sister and I are are the only children of our parents. Yet neither we nor our children were there. So who on earth came and left such large stones, and only on their graves? Mystery to me… ”

“A three-month-old girl, Chaya Zissel (literally “sweet life,” — her parents waited years for her birth) Braun, was killed and several US citizens and Israelis, including her father, were wounded Wednesday evening when a convicted Palestinian terrorist — who had been released from jail — from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan deliberately rammed his vehicle into a crowd of people in the capital.” – visit the post with the Strings Bridge.

Yisrael Medad reading petting zoo in Tel Shiloh New York City picture window
Batya on her husband as a model: “I got a children’s book for him to use as a prop and told him where to sit and what to pretend to do.” See photos of Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh on Pesach. Finally, enjoy Batya’s New York City window photos.

Mrs. S.
castel visit - a Roman-era fortress known as Castellum, it was subsequently renovated by the Byzantines, who called it Castellum Belvoir castel Israel shmuel biblio diorama
A visit to the Castel, one of Israel’s beautiful national parks and the site of a key battle during the War of Independence.

A Biblical diorama for daughter’s Navi class: โ€œAnd the men did so, and they took two lactating cows and hitched them to the wagon; and they confined their calves in the house. And they placed the Ark of Hashem on the wagon, and the box and the golden miceโ€ฆโ€

gazelle in Israel Jerusalem Marathon yom haaztmaut
On the left: a new Gazelle Park in Jerusalem
In the middle: the Jerusalem Marathon
On the right, Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut: “There will be 23,320 Israeli flags placed, one for each of those graves in cemeteries located throughout Israel.This past year 116 people were added to the list. Year after year much is the same, as the sadness of Yom Hazikaron, is then transformed at nightfall into the celebrations of Israeli Independence Day.”

alpaca llama Israel plant negev israel flower israel
Do you like animals and astronomy? Devo and family visited the Negev; they went to farms: Talmei Yosef and Alpaca (and llama) farm. They then drove to Ramon Crater for some astronomy and astrophotography.

coastal USHMM sparrow by Lorri M.
Lorri writes: “The next time you are wandering near a lake, stream, river, the ocean or a pond, take a moment to reflect on the loveliness before you.” Photograph of museum was taken when Lorri visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum a few years back. Lorri quotes: “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” -Chinese Proverb

spy for Purim burn lulav before Pesach watercolor young man
For this edition of the JPiX Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival, I decided to highlight each of my children. On the left my daughter is dressed as a Totally Spy spy for Purim. In the middle is my middle son participating in biur chametz – burning of leavened bread before Pesach. On the right is a watercolor of my eldest.

I hope you have enjoyed JPiX Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival 2015. To see past editions or to participate in the future, visit JPiX page link should go here.

11 thoughts on “JPiX Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival 2015

  • Thank you so much for hosting! I love the images I see, and will definitely check the links out.

    Thank you for including me!

    • Hi, Jeannette. We have been doing these blog carnivals (Batya runs two) long before people used Facebook in droves and before social media was full of business people. At this point, fewer people are blogging. The way I gathered this JPiX was I announced on our Facebook group and tagged people who have participated in the past. I get responses by form on the JPiX page. I try to get each participant to have three photos to show. For this one, I wrote a little on each. It was time-consuming, but I enjoy the outcome. And it should be fun to look back at this post a few years from now.

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