Cucumber Seedlings Grow (and Portulaca)

I love planting from seed. You do need lots of patience to do so – the plants take a long to flower and bear fruit. This spring I have been photographing my cucumber seedlings for about one month.

cucumber seedling
May 13: Here is one small one – the cucumber plant has two early leaves, and this it is a dicot (dicotyledon). These first two are called embryonic leaves.

cucumber seedling May 20
May 20: A cucumber seedling one week later – now you can see a little of one true leaf. Note how big those embryonic leaves have grown.

cucumber plant wet
May 28: After a bit of a drought, we had a wet week. See how big the true leaf has grown. I love photographing plants when they have just a touch of water upon them.

cucumber plant grows tall
June 7: Now is the time I really need to start adding more of the seedlings to the garden. The cucumber plants are competing for space with the peas. My peas are quite happy, and now some of the cucumber seedlings are growing around them in the garden.

June 8: A few more seedlings need a home (in the ground).

cucumber seedlings in the ground
June 8: I planted more cucumber seedlings in the ground today. Sometimes it takes a while for a seedling to get used to the new setting – this is called transplant shock.

Finally, for some color, enjoy a shot of my portulaca (moss rose). I planted quite of few in my front yard this year.

What is in your garden? Even if you don’t have a garden, what would you like to grow?

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15 thoughts on “Cucumber Seedlings Grow (and Portulaca)

  • I love the photos…a journey of growth and renewal. It is rewarding to watch our seedlings flourish.

    Love the moss rose. I used to have several of them in my garden. Right now there are daylilies growing…”Alpha Centauri”, yellow ones. There are raspberries and strawberries in the backyard, and also tomato plants. I need some roses…maybe in a month or so.

  • Hello Leora, your seedlings look like they are doing well. It is neat to watch them grow from seeds. The moss rose is new to me, very pretty. Have a happy week ahead!

    • Thanks – it was an interesting idea. But I didn’t want to wait until I got a cucumber before I shared. Hard to see the progress when you stare at the plants each day, but one photo a week seems like a good pace for this task.

  • Lovely pictures Leora – isn’t it amazing how things just grow – never fails to amaze me. I planter a half barrel about a month ago, with 4diff plants including daisies, black eyes susans and a plant that has trumpet flowers like foxgloves, and the hummingbirds just love it. Of course we have a drought here , so everything has to be drought resistant.

    • When I first started gardening, New Jersey had a drought. That was the last time I grew impatiens – they require too much water. Tomatoes and many flowers don’t like it if you water *too* much, so those are the right plants for me.

  • I love the series as I like to take photos also and am surprised when anything comes up. I have never heard of that moss rose before. It is very cute. I have to think if there is a way to have some veg with all the deer and rabbits here. People who do have deer fencing and I don’t have room in the sunny front yard for that..Michelle

    • Michelle, if you have someone who can build you a tall fence with a door, then you can plant veggies as well. I have a little fence that I bend over into for planting – not ideal, but my husband and I put together ourselves a few years back. So far, I had fabulous peas this year. Let’s see if the cucumbers succeed (I never count my cucumbers until they become “fruit”!).

  • My garden is not nearly so carefully attended to. I do try to grow herbs that I use to cook with. At the moment I have basil and chives going. There is an out of control section of mint and I’m working on a raspberry bush. Look forward to the pictures of giant cucumbers come August.

    • Giant cucumbers do sound nice. Actually, I prefer small ones. Finally, I have some cucumber plants with yellow flowers – will look for the “fruit” next.

      Mint grows like a weed – don’t plant it near your vegetables or your slower growing herbs.

      My raspberry bushes are out of control. I should go pick the first raspberries – the ones that are growing on the old cane are finally out.

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