Echinacea and Astilbe

echinacea coneflower bee
The echinacea (common name: coneflower) in our front garden are doing beautifully this summer. After years of trying to grow them (I tried the backyard first – not enough sun and too many chomping animals), I had a lovely batch in one spot last summer. I spread out the seeds all over my front yard, and we have been rewarded with lots of these purplish pink flowers. Is that a bee on it? It looks almost like a fly.

coneflower bud
Here’s how a coneflower bud looks before it turns purplish pink.

echinacea pink
And here’s how the flower looks when it is slightly pink. Echinacea is part of the daisy family.

The astilbe flowers in my backyard have been growing nicely. I finally took some photos – they will quickly start to fade. The bright color does not seem to last long for this perennial. Astilbe do well in shade – one of the reasons why I planted them.

astilbe up close
Here is an astilbe up close. From Wikipedia: “Some species are commonly known as false goat’s beard and false spirea.”

I have a wonderful problem: I have taken a lot of cool photos lately. On Thursday night my daughter and I got to see Midsummer Night’s Dream at Rutgers Gardens. So in addition to my Montreal photos and a few from the Philadelphia Art Museum, I have more photos than time to share. We shall see what comes next.

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