Montréal Botanical Garden: Signs, Art, and Waterfall Shots

Montreal Botanical Garden
We went on a trip to Montréal last week. One of the highlights was visiting the Montréal Botanical Garden. I imagined all formal gardens; indeed, when you enter there are roses upon roses upon roses. However, there are also woods and trails!

I had fun taking photos of the various plants and signs.
astilbe in Montreal Botanical Gardens
One of the reasons I photographed astilbe is because we have it in our own garden. I came home (we’ve had a good deal of rain, both in Montreal and in Highland Park, NJ and points in between), and my backyard astilbe is growing beautifully! It is a deep shade of pink, and I at some point soon I should photograph it as well. Astilbe does nicely in the shade.

Lovely purple thyme was growing in the Chinese garden. There was a Chinese garden, a Japanese garden and a “The First Nations Garden.” The so-called First Nations Garden was more like a stroll in the woods. But it was quite pleasant, with lots of woodland plants identified.

beaked hazelnut
As the sign says, this is beaked hazelnut.

chinese garden
I thought the Chinese Garden the nicest, but that water doesn’t look too pleasant – a bit too opaque and a weird shade of bluish green.

Waterfall Photo Experiments

I did some experiments with my camera on the waterfall in the Chinese Garden. Below each I posted the shutter speed for the camera. If you vary the shutter speed, you get different water results.
1/250 shutter speed waterfall
This waterfall photo has a shutter speed of 1/250.

waterfall 1/125 shutter speed
This waterfall photo has a shutter speed of 1/125.

Montreal waterfall 1/80 shutter speed
This waterfall photo has a shutter speed of 1/80.

What is Art? What is Nature?

Sometimes you can look at something and think that it is nature. You look again – it’s art! So what’s this:
wild boars
Are these wild boars?

boar sculpture at Montreal Botanical Gardens
Get a little closer, and you will see it’s natural materials built into a sculpture that looks like a wild boar.

Monarch Oasis

Saving my favorite part for the end: near the Insectarium (which we did not enter, in part due to time and in part due to my daughter saying absolutely not to looking at insects) there is a Monarch Oasis garden. Of course, I immediately thought of Michelle, host of Nature Notes.
Monarch Oasis
I wonder why they put the monarch garden in that steel girded structure. Maybe just to give it emphasis. Or maybe to cover it in winter? Well, probably everything goes under all the Canadian snow.

Monarch Oasis garden

monarch flowers
If anyone wants to give identification for these lovely Monarch Oasis flowers, I will be happy to add them in. I know at least some of the bright flowers are lantana (not pictured).

Monarch Oasis in Montreal Botanical Garden

For more Nature Notes:

Nature Notes

(Of course, I took more photos of Montreal, plus some of a trip to the Philadelphia Art Museum – will be showing more on this blog. Stay tuned).

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