Ducks Follow Mother Duck

mama duck
When we were in Montreal last month, we had fun watching ducks diving into the pond at the Montreal Botanical Garden. I assume the duck above is the Mama duck; she seemed to be watching it all.

duck dive shot
My daughter asked me to keep taking photos of the ducks diving into the pond – I think the one above finally satisfied her. She loves animals a lot (she also likes to eat animals – but not if they are cute. So no duck meat for her).

ducks walk
After their diving session, the ducks started to walk together.

ducks follow mom
I assume these are teenage ducks following their mom.

I did a little research and Googled: “duck follows mom why.” Came up with several sites talking about imprinting and how ducks will follow whatever they see first after hatching. I’m glad these particular ducks are following a duck that does indeed look like a duck mom.

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