Colorful Fall Foliage 2015

fall foliage Highland Park, NJ 2015
It’s a lovely time of year in New Jersey – if you drive or walk about in various neighborhoods or on the highways, you will have the pleasure of beautiful, colorful foliage. As I have been quite busy with work, I decided to take my camera on a Sunday and just walk down my own street. The photos on this post are my vibrant, lively captures.

cat crossing road in front of foliage
I took these photos last week as I walked down the block. Happy to capture a cat crossing the road quickly.

red trees
I enjoy when the leaves turn all different colors – mostly red, orange, yellow and various shades of green or brown. When a tree turns brown, it has not gotten enough water – we had a few days of lots of rain, but then whole weeks of none at all.

tall autumn trees
It is nice to observe the various trees at varied times of the year.

snapdragons and roses
My neighbor’s display of roses and snapdragons is still looking good.

rose up close
Here is a rose in foreground, white snapdragons, and pink snapdragons behind.

rudbeckia and mums
The rudbeckia (yellow black-eyed susan) and maroon mums are in front of my house. Happy to say I still have a few flowers in bloom!

Your turn, please

What’s going on in your neighborhood? Any colorful fall foliage? Or do you live in a part of the world that stays green or brown?

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