Fall 2015: Cardinal, Robin, Squirrel, Hawthorn Berry

Finally I had time to fill my bird feeder and take out my camera with the telephoto lens.

cardinal up close
I got really close to this cardinal, but it was a little dark.

robin in tree
I was surprised to see a robin in a tree, but I am guessing it was visiting the tree because the berries have come out.

hawthorn berries
Speaking of berries, the hawthorn berry tree around the corner is now boasting its red beautiful berries. You can also see hawthorn berries in this 2013 post.

black capped chickadee
I believe this little guy is a black-capped chickadee. Cute is the word that comes to mind.

black capped chickadee
And here is Mr. black-capped chickadee hanging out, munching in my window feeder.

I am quite fond of the lighting in this photo, highlighting the busy squirrel on top of my garage with a backdrop of yellow and orange autumn leaves.

blue jay
The blue jay hopped around way too much for me to get a clear picture.

What do you see in your backyard or in your neighborhood?

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16 thoughts on “Fall 2015: Cardinal, Robin, Squirrel, Hawthorn Berry

  • These are beautiful captures of our feathered-friends! I love the chickadee…too adorable. I have never seen a robin in a tree, but I am sure it was because of the berries.

    I love the capture of the hawthorn berry tree. Lovely! The cardinals…always look so distinguished. I will have to look through my old photos, because I have so many captures of cardinals. I even have photos of new cardinal hatchlings. The nest was in the middle of one of my bushes, years back. I followed the progress from beginning to end.

    Thank you for the beautiful photos!

    • Yes, first time I noticed a robin in the tree. This year I paid careful attention to when that tree loses its leaves; seems to be the same time the berries come out.

  • Hello Leora, I love all your pretty birds. You and your camera take great photos. Have a happy day and week ahead.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    • Thank you, Eileen, for giving credit to both my camera and me. Sometimes I battle with the camera to figure it out, but I got some decent shots even when the day was not so light.

  • Beautiful photos, Leora. I was at the Ringling Museum today and a squirrel kept running by our table — guess he was looking for scraps of food. First thing my nephew said, “he might give us rabies!” Sort of killed the fun of it.

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