Celebrate Israel Parade 2017

Celebrate Israel parade
The last time I had the opportunity to post Israel Parade photos was in 2013. I had a few years of chaperoning, and last year it poured, they marched quickly, and my husband and I showed up late. This year I was excited for the opportunity to take a few good parade photos. If you ever want good subject matter for photos, this parade is great. Besides the many Jewish schools that march, there are floats, bands, dancers, fancy bikers and a variety of people to watch.

This year my daughter is in a new school – new to her, anyway. It is a four-year girls high school. She had a fun time marching today. Unlike with her past school in which she learned a dance to do down 5th Avenue, the girls in Maayanot basically sing whatever songs they like.

I decided to focus on interesting subject matter. Bands, entertainers, dancers, and one politician.

marching band
I really love the colors and energy of this marching band photo.

Here’s a close up of a guy playing the tuba.

There were several clever unicyclists. I like the purple of this one in front of the green of the marching band behind.

Nefesh B'Nefesh
I took this photo, and then I realized the person on the float in a suit is the MK (member of Knesset, Israeli parliament) Dov Lipman.

Dov Lipman
Then I took the next photo of this float – the man in the white shirt waving in the back of the float is my son’s teacher from his yeshiva in Israel, Rabbi Moshe Taragin.

gay group
I didn’t catch the name of this group – it seems to be a Jewish gay, Lesbian, bisexual group. If I find out the name, I will add it to this post. I think the sign says J.O.Y.

El Al dancing
This was rather funny – El Al employees dancing together as though they are at a wedding. Seemed out of context – like they should be getting us to our seats instead and offering us a cup of tea.

El Al
El Al also had a float.

This is a group of doctors from Einstein School of Medicine. The sign says We Support the Doctors of Israel. I am thinking the woman to the left must have seen someone that she knows, given the expression on her face.

baby carriage
From a distance, I thought there was a baby inside that carriage. I am not sure what they are pushing. But I do enjoy the balloons. And at what are they looking? The spectators behind the fence are looking at their phones (boring!).

China Israel relations
Here is a group celebrating Israel China relations.

I am reading a great book on U.S. China relations called The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom: America and China, 1776 to the Present. I recommend the book.

daughter at parade
For those of you who may have started reading this blog in 2007 or 2008, my daughter was a little girl then. Here she is at the parade – my young woman.

Have you ever gone to a big parade? What do you like best?

6 thoughts on “Celebrate Israel Parade 2017

  • What fantastic photos, Leora! You really brought us a wonderful overview of the parade, with your varied captures and comments! I love her photo! Yes, your ‘young woman’. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for commenting so quickly. I always look forward to your comments. Gosh, I haven’t written up anything in so long … I just kept going until I could hit publish. The words aren’t as important as the photos … the words are just a way to get one thinking about the photos.

      “overview of the parade” – and we only watched for about one hour. There was plenty we missed.

    • Kathy, nice to hear from you! I’ve heard the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade is really something to behold, if you ever find yourself traveling east. I enjoy seeing all the different groups that come out in support of Israel.

  • Hi Leora — The parade obviously took place in Manhattan, my hometown. But in all the years I lived there, I never watched this parade (so many in NY!). Your daughter is lovely!

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