about Leora, ‘Sketching Out’ version

I realized that the About Leora page on my website is rather business-like, so I am going to start working on a more fun version for the Sketching Out blog.

I build and manage websites (design, development, content).  In my spare time (or really, all the time), I am a mom and a wife.  Love painting, drawing and fiddling with Photoshop and Illustrator. Here I am on Google+.

Here’s a pic of me my father took in 1966:
Leora in 1966

Here’s a 2006 picture of me that I use on Twitter and I used to use elsewhere for quite a few years:
Leora Wenger

Here’s my newest portrait that you can see also on About Leora page:
Leora Wenger

This blog used to be named Here in HP or Here in Highland Park. On February 17, 2013, I renamed it to Sketching Out.

15 thoughts on “about Leora, ‘Sketching Out’ version

  • Hi

    I came across your comment on onionsoupmix’s blog, so since I also live in Highland Park, I thought I’d say howdy. I currently have a post about Highland Park at the top of my blog. I really love living here.

  • Hi, Larry. Finally responding to your first comment. With a question.

    What should I put on this page? Anyone who reads this can answer. Need something more interesting here.

  • Thanks, Ilana-Davita. I’m 45. I feel like I’m fifteen. I have a 13 year old, so I guess that’s impossible.

    I’m glad you like the design of my blog. It (my blogging) seems to be distracting me from doing my work, however; I guess I really need the outlet!

  • I’m 44.
    Do you use a Mac or a PC? I have used a Mac for the past seven years or so and would find it difficult to go back to microsoft now.
    Unfortunately there are many things I don’t master yet, sigh!

  • I use a PC, but not because I like them. It’s because Bill Gates charged lower rates for his products, so business bought into them, and I’m stuck using what everyone else in business and much of academia (at least the department I work for at Rutgers) uses. I get software as part of my work for Rutgers, so I can’t complain too much.

    • Thanks for peeking at this page for more, Mary. I can’t believe I was writing at such a young age. Drawing and writing, that was me and still is!

  • I thought that picture was your daughter!
    Content for a profile page…..hmmm. Well, I know the things I love to get to know about new friends are:
    1) What makes them bounce out of bed on their day off?
    2) When they were 13 what did they dream they would do when they “grew up”
    3) If they had an extra $20 in their pocket to spend however they wanted, what would they buy.

    They might seem odd questions, but it tells a lot about a person – their passions, their dreams, and their “treats”.
    Sorry for my ignorance, but where is Highland Park? I live in NZ

    • Highland Park is in New Jersey. There’s also one in Illinois and in Texas as well, so I often add New Jersey whenever I write Highland Park.
      1) Day off? What’s that? My kids are here every day. I bounce out of bed 6 days a week to read comments on my blog post from the previous day, and on Shabbat I bounce out of bed to read a book and clean up a bit from Friday night meal.
      2) Age 13 dreams: I wanted to be a writer. I used to write “magic” stories. I probably stopped around age 13, though.
      3) $20 to spend: a book. I like art books, whatever I’m learning technically books (now it’s Drupal), gardening books, some Israeli literature.

  • Thanks for answering the questions Leora. I think we would get on like the proverbial house in flames! I would answer exactly the same to questions two and three! Sadly, I don’t have kids (unless you count the four legged variety;-) I married late in life to someone older than myself. But hey, we are VERY happy to have found each other, so I have much to thank God for! An early Shabbat Shalom from this end of the planet.

  • Reading your comment on a dutch site I saw your picture and decided to go for a little trip to you site. I think it is a nice one. With your permission I place you in my favorites.

    Sorry for my (I think) bad English. I am only a Dutchman (or how John Cleese ever said in Fawlty Towers: ‘Well, he’s from Barcelona).

    Greetings from a small country without president but with a lot of water :-).

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