Girl Prays, Concentrating – Watercolor Sketch

girl prays with concentration

I painted this watercolor sketch of a girl praying with concentration in late December. There was a poster on the wall, and it inspired me to paint. The “concentration” refers to the concept of kavanah – כַּוָּנָה. At least to me, she does look like she is praying with intent, with feeling and emotion. Of […]

Jerusalem Pots with Plants – Watercolor

Pot of Flowers in Jerusalem

When walking around the neighborhoods of Jerusalem, one can often see flowers in a pot outside of quaint older buildings. I enjoyed converting this scene of pots with plants on a wall into a watercolor sketch. In depicting a scene with watercolor, the artist must ask: how much do I show? What are the colors […]

Yemin Moshe Watercolor Sketches

Jerusalem watercolor

Finally, I am getting back the main reason for this blog: posting sketches of my art. Above is a scene from a neighborhood of Jerusalem called Yemin Moshe – it overlooks the Old City. I purposely chose a limited palette for this watercolor. The composition and the drawing are about where I want them to […]

Mask for Purim


Purim mask – a mask is a symbol of “hidden.” Purim mishloach manot made out of decorated oatmeal containers with Purim wrapping paper, colored hamantaschen and Esther pointing at Haman illustration.