Book Review: Rebels in the Holy Land

Will these eleven rebels in the Holy Land observe the Shmittah year? How hard is it for them? What happens to their children? Read of Ekron later Mazkeret Batya in Sam Finkel’s Rebels in the Holy Land: Mazkeret Batya – an Early Battleground for the Soul of Israel.

Book Introduction: Mordecai Ben Isaac Ha-Levi & Other Tales

Introduction by Leora: Michelle emailed me last week asking if I could post about her book. I have not read the book, but the description certainly sounds intriguing. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing with us the tales of your book. A Chanukah story with no latkes and no dreidels. Not exactly how I hoped to […]

Book Review: Menahem Begin A Life

Book Review: Menahem Begin A Life by Avi Shilon – How did Menahem Begin of Brisk survive the Holocaust and became a leader of the State of Israel? How did he do in televised debate? Was he manic depressive?