Ten Years Later


My mother died ten years ago today. It is her yahrzeit, the anniversary of her death. I lit a memorial candle for her last night, and I had a few friends over for what I call a leil zicharon (night of remembering) or an azkara (memorial). Pictured in the above photo is a happy little […]

Birthday Post for Elaine


If my mother, z”l (may her memory be blessed), were alive today she would be 84. So I decided to go up to my attic and bring down a few of the photos from her youth. The first one was taken in Russia, as I recognize my great-grandmother in the photo: My mother is the […]

Baba and Savta


Mother’s Day is a hard day for me. I really miss my mom. My husband is nice; he usually buys me a new cookbook or another book I might like on Mother’s Day. One year he bought me a nice metal watering can that I cherish. And my father brought me some flowers on Friday […]