Nasturtium – Water Drop

We have had plenty of rain in recent weeks. My neighbor who has a rain gauge said hers read four inches in just a few days. It has not been constant, so I am fine with having lots of rain water for my garden. I took the photo of the nasturtium (an edible plant with […]

Cardinals (Male and Female); Black-Capped Chickadee

red cardinal male; female is brown

A red male cardinal and a female brown cardinal visited my backyard yesterday, after we had about 5 inches of snowfall the day before. I enjoy the cardinals’ visits – they usually come as a pair. I had filled my bird feeder, and they found it quickly. The day before we had blue jays visiting. […]

Israeli Flowers in January

daisy in Hakfar Hayarok

January Flowers in Israel – daisies, thistle, thick-leaved vegetation. Locations of photographs include north of Tel Aviv, Hula Valley, Jerusalem and Har Adar, a village on the tallest hill west of Jerusalem.