Pick N Choose Macrobiotics


Some snippets from Klara’s macrobiotics group: Newbie asks: What to do about challah on a Friday night (or the lack thereof)? Some responses: As for challlah Friday night. I have two thoughts. First is the difference between the letter of the law vs. the spirit of the law. I think the blessing say thanks for […]



I finished Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD in about two days. I found it fascinating: what it did cover, and what it didn’t even mention. First, it didn’t mention any specific alternative cancer treatments, such as the Macrobiotic diet or the Budwig diet. On the other hand, what it […]

Cancer Alternative Therapies Site


Going through U.S. government sites is like going through spaghetti. Fortunately for you, I found some good information on this page of MedlinePlus about Cancer Alternative Therapies. The idea is there is so much information about alternative therapies, how does one sort out the useful from the quackery? I decided to click on nutrition, my […]

Broccoli T-Shirts and a Fat Giraffe


I’m rather fond of Dr. Mercola’s posts on nutrition and health. Here are two serious ones: My father has been saying this for years: Trans Fats Cause Precancerous Colon Growths (my mother died of colon cancer) Why Pregnant Women Should Avoid Perfume at All Costs And here’s a humorous one, on what will happen when […]