About Coffee and Chemo


This past week was the first Jewish Blogger’s Conference in Jerusalem. If you want to hear more about it, I suggest you read: Baila, Mother in Israel, Carl in Jerusalem, Jameel at Muqata, Joe Settler, Batya, WestbankMama and FrumSatire who were actually there, and then finish up with SuperRaizy who was in New York but […]

What’s a Colonoscopy?

If you are over the age of thirty, it’s time to at least educate yourself on this important procedure. Ask your favorite health care professional for a recommendation on when you should schedule a colonoscopy. Wikipedia colonoscopy Web MD’s colonoscopy Cancer.org colonoscopy faq About.com: Preparing for a Colonoscopy Oh, before you read those links, check […]

Kiersten = Z.


A while back I wrote about a young woman’s battle with cancer: Caring Too Much? Update on Z. I met her once at an art class. We shared a table. She cheerfully told me about how she does art in between chemo sessions. If there is a gene for optimism, she had it. Here is […]

Secret History of War on Cancer


This book, The Secret History of the War on Cancer,is way overdue at the library. So I am staying up late to write a blog post about the book. This book is a hefty 505 pages. Much fatter than the Eat Food Mostly Plants book of the pithy phrase writer, Michael Pollan. Devra Davis lost […]

Nutrition Nerd vs. Food Nazi


A few months ago I coined the expression Nutrition Nerd. I discussed it a bit with Jill; we both read a lot about nutrition, but we don’t always know what to do with all this information (this is my basic definition). I was considering the term Nutrition Nag, but that seems too self-deprecating. Jill thought […]

Update on Z.


A week ago I posted about Z., a friend of Ann who is very ill with cancer. Z.’s father regularly writes posts in a password-protected blog on the hospital website. Ann gave me access to these posts, and they are touching. And disturbing. It is clear that this is an important emotional release for Z.’s […]