Kinda Funny

The Rebbetzin’s Husband presents HH #178 Blogging is to oneself Conversation in our house yesterday: Friend of Hubby: How do you say ‘to blog’ in Hebrew? Is it “l’blohg” or “l’baleyg”? Hubby: L’hitbaleyg. (Explanation: L’hitbaleyg is a verb construction in Hebrew called hitpael. Hitpael is a verb in which one does something to oneself, such […]

Russian Jokes

My mother, z”l, was born in Leningrad in 1924 and came to this country when she was five. So although she was very American, she still had some Russian tastes. Here’s one of the jokes she used to tell: Q. What’s the difference between a Russian comedy and a Russian tragedy? A. In a Russian […]

Middle Son Tells Jokes

Eema? Eema, are you listening? I’m telling about a solar flashlight for the deep dark woods. No response from Eema. Tries again: Eema? Get it? A solar flashlight in the deep dark woods! Eema finally pays some attention. How’s it going to work in the deep dark woods? she asks. A *SOLAR* flashlight. Get it? […]