Winter Holidays in Hebrew

Hebrew word for winter is horef. Horef can be broken down into het for Chanukah, reish for Rosh Hashana LaIlanot (Tu BeShvat) and pey-sofit for Purim. Enjoy the scribble, too.

Present, book, knife & Timna

According to R. Abraham Twerski, Abe Lincoln once said: “I do not like that man very much. I should get to know him better.” When my kids were in nursery school, they used to do this project that I loved. They would bring home a present, and inside the present was a paper book and […]

JPIX, vay and tributyltin

JPIX #21, a blog carnival of pictures by Jewish bloggers, is up at Mother in Israel. Thank you for including my fall foliage and stars watercolor. What else is going on in the blogosphere: Tributyltin: can this crop chemical make you fat? Oy, vay: oy has a Hebrew source but vay is Greek Nature’s Best […]

Son Seeks Feedback

My middle son, the one pictured above, would like some feedback on his painting that is featured on this post (scroll down to the bottom to see his painting and the question). Please comment on his painting on *that* post. Thank you so much if you have already done so. He abandoned us once again […]

Kinda Funny

The Rebbetzin’s Husband presents HH #178 Blogging is to oneself Conversation in our house yesterday: Friend of Hubby: How do you say ‘to blog’ in Hebrew? Is it “l’blohg” or “l’baleyg”? Hubby: L’hitbaleyg. (Explanation: L’hitbaleyg is a verb construction in Hebrew called hitpael. Hitpael is a verb in which one does something to oneself, such […]