Broken Glass and a Vandal is Arrested

Yesterday a friend posted online that she had just finished reading The Book Thief and then she discovered five Jewish businesses in Highland Park had their windows smashed overnight. Shortly thereafter Mason Resnick posted these Kristalnacht like photos on Facebook. The end of the story was a disturbed individual was arrested. I will be visiting […]

Nature Notes: Spring Confusion

We woke up to snow today. I suppose the crocuses are confused. The birds don’t seem to mind – they were chirping away as usual. I took some bud photos – I have this idea to photograph one tree or plant every day, but I don’t follow through. Enjoy the willow and magnolia buds. For […]

I Thought I Read

I-Thought-You-Saiders-Cure by Mrs. Piggle Wiggle would help with my I Thought I Read problem. Hard to be helpful when it comes to the victims of Haiti. Reading about the devastation makes one feel helpless.