Ramban’s Letter & Virginia Woolf


This is a difficult post to write. Last week the following post suggested that anger is a terrible trait. They are even suggesting carrying the Ramban’s letter in one’s pocket, to remind you to “remove anger from your heart”. Anger just is. Everyone gets angry. So if you think you are removing it, most likely […]

Expressions of Anger


Yesterday, I started posting about anger. My intention had been to write about every day anger and how various people handle it. However, a horrific tragedy gave me pause to focusing at present on the every day. I feel fortunate to have wonderful neighbors here in Highland Park of many different backgrounds. But the close […]

Exploring Anger


I’d like to introduce a topic of interest to me, in hopes that it is of interest to you: repressing anger, expressing anger. What constitutes a healthy way of dealing with anger? What are unhealthy ways of dealing with anger? What do Jewish scholars have to say about anger? Psychologists? Bloggers? First, some definitions: Repression: […]