Ruth: Bitterness to Hope

Rabbi Levi Meier in his book Second Chances: Transforming Bitterness to Hope and the Story of Ruth discusses how the characters depicted in Ruth resemble people we might meet today. For example, Elimelech: His name and the names of his sons provide clues as to their character traits. Elimelech can mean “unto me, I am […]

Ruth: Famine, Infertility, Ploni Almoni

With great pleasure I have been studying the Book of Ruth with Ilana-Davita. Wait, how do we do that? She’s in France, and I’m in New Jersey? Email! The wonders of modern life. As an introduction, I suggest that you read Ilana-Davita’s post on Megillat Ruth, which includes reasons why we read Ruth on Shavuot, […]