Intro to Ayurvedic Medicine

When I told a friend who is a doctor that I read a book about Traditional Chinese Medicine, he at first retorted, oh, we [Western doctors] are taught to make fun of that stuff. But then he added more seriously that Asian medicines were developed over many centuries and have a solid basis, we just […]


Stephen Fulder, author of Ginger: The Ultimate Home Remedy,calls ginger both a spice and a medicinal food. In other words, you can eat because it adds a great kick to your dish, or you can eat to treat an ailment or maintain health. First, a bit about Stephen Fulder, PhD. He has also written The […]


I have been making lentils in various forms this fall. The lentils in the bowl above were made overnight in my crockpot. Lentil Soup with Curry Ingredients: 1/2 lb. lentils 3 cups of water 1 garlic clove 1 slice of ginger root Salt, turmeric, cumin to taste Put all the ingredients except the spices in […]

Garlic and Ginger

Feeling like a cold is coming on? Throat a little scratchy? Got a bit of post-nasal drip? Two staples to stock in your kitchen are garlic and ginger. I’ve cooked up the following concoction for mild ear-nose-throat ailments: – Peel one garlic clove. – Cut off one piece of ginger from fresh ginger root.   Slice […]