Allergies, tofu, B vitamins, wine

Fruit stand in Modiin, Israel, hometown of Baila    I haven’t done a post on health topics for a while, so here are some recent internet picks: Allergies: why are they on the rise? Lots of theories, such as a possible link to vaccines. Feel free to argue with any theory. I’m going to highlight […]

Nutrition Nerd vs. Food Nazi

A few months ago I coined the expression Nutrition Nerd. I discussed it a bit with Jill; we both read a lot about nutrition, but we don’t always know what to do with all this information (this is my basic definition). I was considering the term Nutrition Nag, but that seems too self-deprecating. Jill thought […]

Recipe Ramblings

Last week Little Frumhouse on the Prairie (isn’t that a great name?) posted that she is hosting the next Kosher Cooking Carnival. So my mind starts churning…maybe a post on food photography? I photographed one of the dishes I made for dinner one night. Because it was pretty. And it looks nice against the blue […]

Broccoli for Dessert

Sometimes my husband likes to tease my kids when they ask: “What’s for dessert?” and he replies, broccoli. Now, my kids just groan, or say, no, really, but other people’s kids sometimes fall for it. They have these pained looks on their faces, like are we really getting broccoli? For dessert? Which brings me to […]

Nutrition Nerd Reads

Here’s a tidbit that came through my RSS Reader this week: Breast Cancer: A Preventable Disease Through Good Nutrition You can read the whole thing yourself. Or let me share with you some tidbits: the American Cancer Society takes donations for “cancer research.” Whatever is left over after paying salaries and overhead is funneled to […]

Tales of a Nutrition Nerd

I was going to call this post “Confessions of a Nutrition Nag”, but I decided that was too self-deprecating. How I got started with reading all sorts of material on nutrition is related to my experiences with Cancer, which I wrote about last week. Flashback to early 1990’s. I am newly married. I am supposed […]