Astralagus, Shiitake, Ginseng

Did you get sick this year? Colds, flu, strep? There are multiple ways one can boost one’s immune system. Klara put me on some of her health lists, and someone pointed to this web page: Traditional Chinese Medicine It has all sorts of suggestions on how one can boost one’s immune system, from acupuncture to […]

Cancer Alternative Therapies Site

Going through U.S. government sites is like going through spaghetti. Fortunately for you, I found some good information on this page of MedlinePlus about Cancer Alternative Therapies. The idea is there is so much information about alternative therapies, how does one sort out the useful from the quackery? I decided to click on nutrition, my […]

Allergies, tofu, B vitamins, wine

Fruit stand in Modiin, Israel, hometown of Baila    I haven’t done a post on health topics for a while, so here are some recent internet picks: Allergies: why are they on the rise? Lots of theories, such as a possible link to vaccines. Feel free to argue with any theory. I’m going to highlight […]

Healthy Links

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some healthy links. Healthy Blog Discussions Our Children: Nosh, (Lack of) Exercise Potatoes: Good or Bad or Depends on You? Good For You Want to Avoid Breast Cancer? Try Sunbathing Broccoli Juice Better than Sunscreen Apple Peel A Day Could Keep Cancer at Bay Salad Even Healthier Than […]

Garlic and Ginger

Feeling like a cold is coming on? Throat a little scratchy? Got a bit of post-nasal drip? Two staples to stock in your kitchen are garlic and ginger. I’ve cooked up the following concoction for mild ear-nose-throat ailments: – Peel one garlic clove. – Cut off one piece of ginger from fresh ginger root.   Slice […]

Nutrition Nerd vs. Food Nazi

A few months ago I coined the expression Nutrition Nerd. I discussed it a bit with Jill; we both read a lot about nutrition, but we don’t always know what to do with all this information (this is my basic definition). I was considering the term Nutrition Nag, but that seems too self-deprecating. Jill thought […]