Trying Hard Not to Blog Politics

It’s getting hard to stick to my original declaration that I will not blog about politics. Because I keep reading this article, then that post, then this one. I will be checking the Drudge Report frequently over the next few days, as well as reading the posts of my favorite political bloggers. I am going […]

My Bleeding Heart Bled

Finally, I have hearts hanging from my bleeding heart plant (Dicentra), which I planted two years ago. Last year it produced green leaves but no “hearts”, the flower of the plant. Seems like the term “Bleeding Heart” may be Christian in origin, referring to the Sacred Heart. The political term may have originally been used […]

Israeli Politics for free

You can take a mini-course on the Israeli Political System, for free: Jewish Studies Online The course is taught by Professor Yaacov Yadgar, who was a visiting professor last year at the Rutgers Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life. There is also a course called the Bible and History, taught by Professor Gary […]

Political Lawns in Highland Park

One of my hobbies is, while I am driving around this bitty borough of ours, to note political lawn signs. During local elections, many lawns here have signs. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noted the national election lawn signs going up. My block now has one Obama sign and two Hillary signs. A few […]