Daughter and I


I was in the mood to post a cheery photo, and here’s a great one of the daughter and me. I don’t recall who took the photo; it was a year and a half ago on Purim, a holiday where kids get dressed up, and my daughter was dressed as a Prima Ballerina. It was […]

My Maternal Grandfather


This is a photo of my grandfather(1879 – 1938) whom I never met. When my father moved to Highland Park from the Boston area, he gave me a photo album that had belonged to my mother. The photos are from the late 19th century through the 1940’s. I have been going through the album a […]

Birthday Post for Elaine


If my mother, z”l (may her memory be blessed), were alive today she would be 84. So I decided to go up to my attic and bring down a few of the photos from her youth. The first one was taken in Russia, as I recognize my great-grandmother in the photo: My mother is the […]

Ilana Shafir, artist, survivor


From sad portraits of Jews to intricate mosaics, Ilana Shafir has created many works of art. I had the pleasure of attending a Highland Park Arts Commission lecture Thursday night (thanks, Jill, for getting me out of the house) where Ilana spoke to a full audience. Ilana was born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. She always wanted […]