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Bye, Bye Boring Website

Jump out of the box. Build a brand new website or remodel your current website. Change one page or add a blog. Get trained in WordPress. Get online and get results. Websites for small businesses or for academics - make your website work for you.

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See various website designs. Insurance, public relations, academia, public libraries, therapists, medical supplies. Engineering and Anthropology. Real Estate and Restaurant. Sites with Blogs. WordPress and Drupal. You can edit your website yourself! View the examples.

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Who is Leora?

Leora Wenger builds websites for small businesses, libraries and Rutgers University departments. She loves tweaking PHP, composing a striking web design, stretching Wordpress, and publicizing sites. In her spare time she's a mom and a wife. Every now and then she squeezes in the time to paint a watercolor or two.

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Websites for Small Biz blog

Websites for Small Biz blog

Sketching Out Blog

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