About Leora Wenger

Leora Wenger fixes code, builds web components, and delves into watercolor, ink, and gouache illustrations.

Art Background

Leora started drawing at about age 5 when her mother showed her how to draw disappearing railroad tracks (one point perspective). She has studied art at the Boston Museum School, Boston University School for the Arts, in other institutions, and via online courses. You can follow her art on the Sketching Out Blog and on Instagram.

Computer Background

Leora has worked with computers all her adult life. She self-trained in web design and development, learning HTML, Drupal 9 (and 8 and 7 and 6), WordPress, PHP, VueJS, ReactJS, CSS and SCSS, Git, theme development, responsive web design, Javascript, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Before the web, she did tech support and programming. While working at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, she learned more about computers (and computer scientists) than in the many computer classes she has taken.

Web Projects

Leora builds website components and apps for the NY MTA. Recent projects include: station pages with VueJS apps that show arrivals, elevator status, and alerts; a photo gallery: editors can add photos of their to choice to be displayed in a modal with captions and button links; a news grid of recent articles or press releases. She works with transit apis such as bustime so customers can know important, up-to-date details about their trains. Software skills used include Drupal site building and module development, VueJS, ReactJS, php, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript.

Leora acquired many web skills at challenging technical assignments. She developed Drupal themes for Princeton University. Leora worked on a Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration, managed the Highland Park Public Library site for over ten years, and developed sites for small businesses in New Jersey. She worked for over two years with a web team at Rutgers School of Communication and Information on a Drupal 8 site. She developed a Drupal theme for Rutgers SC&I to be used on various lab and project sites.

How She Got Started with Web Building

She began her web career doing local sites. The award-winning website for the Highland Park Environmental Commission was an early web creation. She redesigned a website for the Rutgers University Anthropology Department that was online from 2002-2005. For twelve years she worked as the webmaster for Rutgers Jewish Studies and helped put the Rutgers Jewish Film Festival online.

Teaching Website Building, Social Media, and Art

Leora Wenger has given talks at Drupal meetups about Drupal and web hosting. A few years back she talked at New Jersey libraries about social media, including Twitter, Facebook and blogging. She teaches art locally in Highland Park.

Bio, Brief Version

Leora Wenger builds websites for the NY MTA and for small businesses. She loves tweaking code, composing a striking web design, building with Drupal and stretching WordPress. Every now and then she squeezes in the time to paint a watercolor or two.