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Bassoon Player

Bassoon player with Imperial Band of South River, watercolor and ink
bassoon player

Imperial Band of South River

The Imperial Band of South River was founded by a group of like-minded former military bandsmen and music educators lead by Thephil “Ted” Kadela after the second world war. With the mission of providing quality band music, the band has been active in the Central New Jersey region ever since. The Imperial Band is a fully volunteer band of amateur and professional musicians that rehearses regularly on Wednesday evenings. At the Imperial Music Center the Imperial Band performs eleven concerts a year under a rotating schedule of conductors. Shown is a concert on August 3, watercolor and ink.
Imperial Band of South River, watercolor and ink

Rugburn Band Plus Guy in the Corner

Rugburn Band played in Donaldson Park, Highland Park, New Jersey on August 3. This painting has the Guy in the Corner. Watercolor and Ink.
Rugburn with guy in the corner

Electric Bass and Bass

electric bass and bass at Imperial Music Center, watercolor and ink
Playing the electric bass with bass nearby at the Imperial Music Center, South River, New Jersey, watercolor and ink