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Project Black Flowers ‘n Candles

candles in front of flowers

flowers and candles
I did the bottom one first. See all my Project Black posts. The top flowers are from a photo at Latrun, a military museum in Israel. The bottom flowers are from my friends’ backyard in Hashmonaim, Israel. The flowers are their neighbors and are draping over the wall in their backyard.

A similar theme in watercolor, no black at all.

What’s Project Black? Visit Anna’s blog.

Sara says

Beautiful bougainvillea flowers!

Leora says

Oh, is that what they are? Thank for letting me know (do they grow in California?) They look like paper to me.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice variations.
We have bougainvillea in France too.

Raven says

Pretty flowers. Interesting. Like the addition of flame to your candles.

Gemma says

These are just brilliant!

Leora says

Gemma, I'm glad you like those. I struggled with them. I may get to playing with nature within Photoshop at some point. Nature itself seems to be more beautiful on its own.

hihorosie says

Fun and pretty! The flowers are beautiful.