Thanks and Recognition

First, I want to give a big thank you to the Babysitter for giving me a blog award.. I am a big fan of her other blog, the Jewish Side, especially her parsha posts. I’ll have to think about whom to send this next.        •   •   •  Next, a congratulations to Jew Wishes for […]

An Award and A Meme

Robin of Around the Island awarded me with this lovely Superior Scribbler award. I rather like it; he’s got this cute determined look on his face. I’m going to pass it on to Lorri at (she should work for Israel “hasbara” (public relations), she would do a much better job than whoever is in […]

A Fish Head, An Award

My friend Jientje of Heaven in Belgium loves awards. It is fun to live vicariously through other people’s photos; recently, she traveled to Portugal, and anyone who visited her blog got to go along. One of my favorite of her recent posts was her poppy photos; she found them in every nook and cranny in […]

Awards to Photo Bloggers, Mostly

Just last week I responded to a blog challenge, passed on to me by Ilana-Davita. I mentioned quite a few of my favorite bloggers on that post. Then on Thursday, I get awarded this sweet little award by Jientje, who has a lovely blog called Heaven in Belgium: What did I do for this award? […]

Comments on Comments

This is a “baby” blog. It was born in December 2007. One of the ways I hope to bring it from babyhood to toddlerdom is by honoring my commenters. Taking a cue from the Rambam, the twelfth-century philosopher and expert in Jewish law who talks about 8 degrees of charity, I came up with 4 […]