Flowers Watercolor Exercise – Nasturtium

Flowers watercolor exercise from One Watercolor a Day: observe favorite flowers, paint petals in bright colors, add contrasting colors to the background. I then added wax crayon and pencil marks (also part of the exercise) to add a bit of line for detail. The flowers I observed are the nasturtium (edible) growing between our sidewalk and street that I planted in June.


A while back when I planted my nasturtium seeds, I posted a watercolor of nasturtium, because I had no pictures of one. Now my garden is full of these pretty orange or yellow edible flowers, so I spent some time Friday afternoon photographing one in particular. The shooting mode of this chosen photo is called […]

A Salad Lover’s Flower

Do like salads? Do you like elegant salads? Do you like the idea of being able to go to your backyard (or a container for plants, if you don’t have a backyard) and pick a pretty flower and round, green, tangy leaves to put in your salad? In order to present to you nasturtium, the […]