Donaldson Park

Raritan River Liatris

liatris by Raritan River, Donaldson Park
According to Wikipedia, there are many kinds of liatris. These purple flowers grow by the Raritan River at the edge of Donaldson Park, a large county park situated in Highland Park, New Jersey.

liatris donaldson park raritan river raining
Three weeks ago, when my daughter was in camp and I had a little more time, I went to Donaldson Park and took some photos. I took several of the Raritan River, such as this one with the tall, bare tree at the river bend. I really enjoyed the Raritan River liatris, the purple spikes bursting out of the sandy banks by the river.

liatris rainy day raritan river
It was raining that day, but not enough to get me soaked, despite the fact that I had not brought a raincoat.

liatris new brunswick raritan river donaldson park
In this photo, you can see a little of New Brunswick, New Jersey – that’s where some of Rutgers University resides. New Brunswick is more urban than Highland Park, but it is still small, especially compared to Philadelphia or New York City. Or Newark or Trenton. Actually, all you see is a bit of the bridge of the route 18 highway.

In other nature news, I started filling my bird feeder again (it got neglected as I paid more attention to my garden, but as I explained to my kids, only in the winter am I really concerned that the birds in our area need food to eat). I’ve seen blue jays, a cardinal and mostly lots of sparrows. Maybe soon I’ll have more bird photos.

Thursday Challenge: Raritan River

Raritan River near Donaldson Park
Raritan River near Donaldson Park, photo 2014 by Leora Wenger

Thursday Challenge theme is WATER (Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Lake, Ocean, River,…)
The Raritan River surrounds Highland Park. The river winds around our little borough. In one area we have Johnson Park bordering the river. To the south of us we have Donaldson Park. Both are big county parks with ball fields, geese and playgrounds. Donaldson Park, which is next to where I took this photo, also has a dog park and a boat launch area.

Just for the fun of it, I added this wet photo of Donaldson Park:
wet Donaldson Park

Branch and Leaf on Meadows Trail

meadows trail branch with leaves
Way back in January, my daughter and I went for a walk on the Meadows trail near Donaldson Park. The trail was cleared back in 2006, and it is a nice stroll through the woods. I like this photo and wanted to share it; it looks a bit like the branches of the raspberry bushes in my backyard. It was a snow-less winter in New Jersey, and I think this photo reflects that sort of empty brownness that we had instead.

I haven’t been able to get into nature much recently myself (other than my yard), as I’ve been taking care of my father who is 82 and has needed a lot of help lately. We are working on getting him a new living situation. Balancing work and my regular family duties with this has taken a lot of my time and energy.

Nature Notes: Geese, Cherry Blossoms, Forsythia

cherry blossoms in front of forsythia
I photographed the cherry blossoms (pink flowers) in front of forsythia (yellow flowers).

geese at donaldson park
The geese in Donaldson Park are enjoying the spring weather by the Raritan River.

We are getting ready for Passover (Pesach in Hebrew); one of the nicknames for Passover is Hag Ha’Aviv, the Holiday of Spring.

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Cardinal, Chickadee, Geese and Gull

cardinal in my backyard
Cardinal in my backyard: As Carver said the last time I posted this bright red bird, “Male cardinals are the flowers of winter.” This cardinal looks like he owns the place.

I saw two chickadees in my backyard last week. My, do these little birds jump about.

gull in donaldson park
My daughter and I visited Donaldson Park on Sunday. There were many gulls hanging out by the pond; this one was swimming in the middle, apart from his buddies.

geese donaldson park
Near a slope of Donaldson Park many geese congregated.

tree trunk
This exposed tree trunk is on the edge of a brook on the border of Donaldson Park near the Meadows.

Sunset in the Dog Park

dog park at sunset
Last Sunday my daughter and I went to the dog park in Donaldson Park. She wanted to see the dogs, and I was happy to see the sunset. Donaldson Park is on the other side of Highland Park from where we live, and it is right next to the Raritan River. You can park right near the dog parks.

dogs at Donaldson Park dog park
There is a dog park (a large caged in area) for little dogs and one for big dogs. There were a lot more big dogs. They romp around and play games with each other. My daughter was following the interactions carefully.

dogs play

sunset steeple
I enjoyed the oranges, reds, yellows of the sunset. The steeple you see is across the Raritan River in New Brunswick.

sunset at donaldson park
Good night!

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Snow Near Donaldson Pond and Raritan River

Snow by the Pond in Donaldson Park, Middlesex County, New Jersey
Snow by the Pond in Donaldson Park, Middlesex County, New Jersey

We went sledding in Donaldson Park on Sunday, and in the distance I could see both the icy pond and the Raritan River beyond the pond.

snow by Raritan River in Donaldson Park
I took the photos from a sledding hill far from the river. My original photos had a blue cast; if you have Photoshop, you can use this video to learn how to remove a colored cast from a photo using Levels.

Here’s a glimpse of the main event: sledding!

Donaldson Park last December: less snow.
The pond in April: lots of birds!

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