Today’s Flowers: Snowdrops

I took this photo last week, before the snow. Today, one week later, all our snow is gone! Part of me is sad, but then, the birds are happy and chirping; they are announcing: spring! Yesterday I walked past a different neighbor whose snowdrops had already formed blooms. For more flowers, visit:

Today’s Flowers: Sedum

I took this photo of a dried sedum flower a block away from my house a few days ago. Here’s a sedum flower I photographed last September. I believe this is “Showy Stonecrop” or Sedum spectabile. I would like to try growing this flower in my garden this summer. For more flowers, visit:

Today’s Flowers: Winter Bud

The sky really was this white on this day in mid-January. Today, in early February, we are having a thaw, and I looked outside for signs of crocuses. Maybe my neighbor’s snowdrops will come up soon? The ground is still too hard to plant peas, but I should order some new ones and some inoculant […]