Magnolia, Cherry Blossoms of Spring

magnolia buds
This post is all spring blossoms. Enjoy these magnolia buds.

buds avenue
If you walk down North Eighth Avenue in Highland Park, you can see trees in bloom – magnolia trees.

cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms are also beautiful.

buds on the avenue
I love seeing magnolia flowers on the ground with dandelions. The blossoms don’t last – maybe you can see them for two weeks each spring?

dandelion and periwinkle
Periwinkle with dandelions – this is a different version of the photo I posted yesterday. That post had reflections on recent events; today, I just want to relax among spring blossoms.

What blossoms of spring appear in your neighborhood?

Pink Magnolia Bud

pink magnolia bud
If you go to North Eighth Avenue in Highland Park today, most of the pink magnolia buds will probably be on the ground. I haven’t taken out my camera since April 17. There are other trees in bloom in Highland Park, but if I can spare a bit of time over the next few days, I am hoping to take out my watercolors and start a new painting. Not sure what will inspire me.

Thursday Challenge theme is SPRING. Next week: BEAUTIFUL (Attactive, Wonderful Colors, Hair, Smile,…)

Blooms in Highland Park

white bloom
Many trees are in blossom in Highland Park.

north eighth blooms
As I was photographing the trees last week, a man walking by said, “two weeks, you’ve got just two weeks!”

Elinka has more Highland Park blooms on her post.

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Oh Deer, Rabbit and Magnolia

three deer in a backyard
I saw one then two then three deer in a neighbor’s backyard. I approached them with my camera, and they backed into this corner. Then two hopped the fence. The last one stayed behind and nibbled an evergreen bush. New Jersey is getting so developed the deer are living everywhere, or so it seems.

This rabbit seems to be living in our backyard. I saw him twice yesterday.

magnolia bloom
My neighbor’s magnolia tree has started to blossom. You can see the buds of the magnolia on this post. The yellow background in this photo is from the forsythia.

magnolia blue background
I decided to give my magnolia blossom a blue background.

Rutgers Gardens March Reds

red shed
Yesterday we visited Rutgers Gardens. It is mostly winter bare, but if you look carefully, you can find some signs of spring.

plants with red berries
These plants with red berries were growing by a stream.

red buds in trees
Red buds were in many of the trees. Some of the trees at Rutgers Gardens have little signs stating what type of tree it is, but most don’t.

red budded trees
And more red buds in trees!

pink magnolia bud
If you take red and white on a paint palette and mix them together, you get pink, like the pink bud of this saucer magnolia tree.

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Review with Magnolia Buds

magnolia buds
Magnolia Buds in January 2010

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