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Rutgers Gardens March Reds

red shed
Yesterday we visited Rutgers Gardens. It is mostly winter bare, but if you look carefully, you can find some signs of spring.

plants with red berries
These plants with red berries were growing by a stream.

red buds in trees
Red buds were in many of the trees. Some of the trees at Rutgers Gardens have little signs stating what type of tree it is, but most don’t.

red budded trees
And more red buds in trees!

pink magnolia bud
If you take red and white on a paint palette and mix them together, you get pink, like the pink bud of this saucer magnolia tree.

For more red, visit Ruby Tuesday:
Ruby Tuesday

Robin from Israel says

Those red buds are lovely, I bet the trees will be gorgeous - you'll have to head back for another photo once they're out :).

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Ilana-Davita says

Lovely series. I really like it when we start to see the buds.

Mirage says

Spring is really up...the magnolia bud is especially pretty...for me it's like a brush's head :)

Maria @ LSS says

Beautiful photos. Happy RT!

Mine's here.

Manang Kim,USA says

Beautiful shots!!
It must have been love

Birgitta says

I have almost the same buds :)

ellen b says

You found some great signs of spring!

felisol says

Thank you for introducing spring in it's many red variations.
Buds of leaves, berries and the wonderful magnolia. I'd love to live a place where I could grow magnolias...
The rural surroundings and the red barn seem so homey and attractive. If it were not for the magnolia, it might have been Norway.

Ralph says

The subtleties in ruby is seen in the budding flora in central NJ. The bits of red have us dreaming big of the Spring yet to arrive. The small color now is so powerful, the tiny growth just the thing to get us to get our gardening tools out soon. New growth on the flora works perfectly with the new and warmer (we hope) season to be...

dianne says

I love the red buds
so hopeful :)

Gemma @ Greyscale says

Beautiful varieties ofred tones! Especially love the first two photos with their touches of red!


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