Pressed Salad

Why press a salad? According to macrobiotics, a pressed salad makes the vegetables easier to digest. It is a way of preparing the vegetables without any cooking. Gather up some vegetables, such as kale, radish and cucumber.

Watercolor: Carrot

Here’s my carrot watercolor. I used both watercolor and gouache. Carrots are traditionally eaten on Rosh Hashana, and a “yehi ratzon” is said on the carrots: “Yehi ratzon milfanecha she-yikara roa gezar dinneinu, v’yikaru lfaneacha zakiyoteinu” “May it be God’s will that the evil decrees against us be torn up and our good merits be […]

Tomato Recipes

An elegant way to serve a tomato that I learned from my mother, z”l: Slice the tomato. Put sweet or red onion in between each slice. Dribble with olive oil. Sprinkle with fresh basil or dried oregano (or any other favorite herb). Add salt and pepper to taste. Other ideas: Hihorosie’s tomato dish How to […]

Nuts for You

Found this article Eating Nuts Greatly Reduces Your Risk of Heart Attack and Cancer so I thought, good time to talk nuts! (more on thyme and nuts under the photo). According to the article, nuts won’t make you fat: Nuts contain lots of fat, and many people are still operating under the food industry induced […]