Tomato Recipes

An elegant way to serve a tomato that I learned from my mother, z”l:

Slice the tomato. Put sweet or red onion in between each slice. Dribble with olive oil. Sprinkle with fresh basil or dried oregano (or any other favorite herb). Add salt and pepper to taste.

Other ideas:

My easy kettle method for a simple sauce: Cut slits in the skins of the tomatoes. Place in a bowl. Pour boiling water, enough to cover. Wait 15 seconds. Peel tomatoes and place in a 2nd bowl. Drink up the remaining water; I’m sure it has some nutrients in it. Chop tomatoes; add fresh basil and/or sweet onions, maybe garlic or olive oil or scallions or parsley. You can serve this on pasta, rice or fish. I ate mine with some feta cheese.

0 thoughts on “Tomato Recipes

  • I thought it was Ruby Tuesday again.

    Tomatoes are my favorite veggie. But remember you promised a sauce recipe? [Although I’m going to try your last idea–should the tomatoes be overripe?]

  • This looks nice but I would have to find something different to put between each tomato slice as my system doesn’t like raw onions; no problem once they are cooked though.

  • Frumhouse, yes, easy and elegant.

    Baila, love that red. But I don’t think I could do Ruby Tuesday all week. Yes, that last one is an extremely easy sauce. As ripe as possible seems like it would be easier to peel.
    Last night I tried a variation of a sauce by putting a bunch of very ripe, large cherry tomatoes in some water. I slit each one. I was in a rush (as usual, life with family), so I was trying to get off each peel as I went along. I was only half successful. I threw in some peeled garlic and some chopped scallions. Toward the end I put in some chopped fresh basil. My husband and I will eat it tonight or tomorrow night, and I’ll see how bothersome the peels are.

    Ilana-Davita, how about cucumbers? That would look nice, too.

  • Your Mom’s receipe sounds delicious. I add some vinegar and water to oil and salt and pepper and a touch of sugar.
    I have half a bushel of tomatoes sitting in my kitchen right now so I have plenty for experimenting.

  • I’m not a big fan of tomatoes – I know, not very Israeli of me, but what can you do? – but that picture almost makes me wish that I was!

    Ktivah v’chatimah tovah.

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