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Farmers Market Watercolors

Organic Stand at Highland Park Farmer's Market
Winter is here: most humans spend less time outside. As an artist, I like pour over spring, summer, and fall photos for painting inspiration. I miss the Highland Park Farmers Market, so it has become one of my favorite themes to paint. Also, I took an online course with Shari Blaukopf called Sketching Markets in Ink and Watercolor, so that was an added incentive to paint my local market.

I have two favorite stands at the Highland Park Farmers Market. The first one I go to is the organic stand: that stand is depicted in the paintings at the top and bottom of this post. I often look for kale. It tends to be greener in the spring or fall, as kale prefers cooler temperatures. Sometimes I buy arugula, corn, parsley, or squash. I enjoyed painting all the overflowing cabbages and cauliflower in the top painting.

peaches at the farmers market in Highland Park, New Jersey
My favorite item of all are the summer peaches. New Jersey peaches in July and August are amazing. I worked hard to apply rich, opaque paint to my peaches illustration.

organic stand at the Highland Park Farmers Market
In this painting I challenged myself to include a person, some signs, and a background. Farmers markets are lively places: much for the artist to capture.

Macro of the Giant Peach

OK, it’s a regular-sized peach, but I liked the title.

peach skin
I bought these peaches at the farmer’s market on Friday.

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Thursday Challenge: Farmer’s Market

apples at Highland Park Farmer's Market
The Highland Park Farmer’s Market is over for the season, but the memories remain.

pumpkins at the market
This one of pumpkins is a bit more abstract than the apples photo. It’s also more washed out, but I like the painterly quality. Some of us have a hard time picking one, whether it’s an apple or a photo.

This week’s Thursday Challenge is FOOD (Farmers Market, Vegetables, Meat, Cooking, Restaurant,…).

Review with Apples

apples at Highland Park Farmer's Market
Tomorrow is the last day of the Highland Park Farmer’s Market for the 2010 season. I will miss my Friday visits to see the vegetables, fruits and flowers. And of course, chat with the people. This past week I met Debbie at the market, whom you can read about in this interview.

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Clock in Cape May, New Jersey, photo taken in 2009 red onion veteran

Linda’s Recital on Sunday at Etz Ahaim in Highland Park – bassoon and piano

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Farmers Market Reds

bouquet with red, orange, yellow, blue, purple
Friday was a beautiful, not too hot day in Highland Park. What a joy to visit the farmer’s market. I usually buy peaches, yellow squash, parsley and a cucumber. If the organic stand features kale, I buy some of that, too. What produce do you like to buy?

sunflower with tomatoes in the back

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Peaches and Tomatoes

peaches and tomatoes
It’s a wonderful time of year in New Jersey: the peaches are finally available in the farmer’s markets. These are the best tasting peaches…um, yum, de-de dum. It was even worth traipsing off during the heat wave last Friday to get yet another bag.

peaches in a bowl
The peaches are beautiful to behold as well as eat. Can I have my peach and eat it, too?

small tomatoes
Small tomatoes in my garden are finally ripe. I also have some garden grown cucumbers (my first year growing cucumbers). I saw one of my bigger tomatoes finally turning red. How long will I hold out before picking it?

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Live Trace: Tomatoes at Market

Farmers Market, Highland Park, New Jersey
Farmer's Market, Highland Park, New Jersey

I decided to play a bit with the Live Trace tool in Illustrator and came up with this version of one of my photos of the Highland Park Farmer’s Market. I want an illustration for my upcoming soup post, though this one won’t be it. But the tool has potential for other projects.

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Edible Garden Reds

Raspberry in our backyard, September 2009
Raspberry in our backyard, September 2009

We still have plenty of raspberries in our backyard. One of the great things about raspberries and kids is that it gets them to enjoy the “fruits” of the garden in a tangible and edible manner.

Radishes at the Highland Park Farmer Market
Radishes at the Highland Park Farmer Market

I took some photos at the Highland Park Farmer’s Market last Friday.

Lettuce at the Farmer's Market
Lettuce at the Farmer's Market
From heirloom to cherry to yellow, take your pick of tomato!
From heirloom to cherry to yellow, take your pick of tomato!

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Ruby Tuesday at Farmers Market

Every Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the summer and early fall there is a farmers market in Highland Park. I buy organic parsley, lettuce, beets and kale (what I buy varies each week) from a particular organic food stand at the market. Sometimes I buy the flowers for someone else as a gift.

My favorite produce that grows in New Jersey are the peaches. I buy a lot; my eldest son loves peaches, and so do I.

In fact, the peaches are one of the best parts of living in New Jersey. In the photo you can also see sugar plums, another tasty treat.

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