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Peaches and Tomatoes

peaches and tomatoes
It’s a wonderful time of year in New Jersey: the peaches are finally available in the farmer’s markets. These are the best tasting peaches…um, yum, de-de dum. It was even worth traipsing off during the heat wave last Friday to get yet another bag.

peaches in a bowl
The peaches are beautiful to behold as well as eat. Can I have my peach and eat it, too?

small tomatoes
Small tomatoes in my garden are finally ripe. I also have some garden grown cucumbers (my first year growing cucumbers). I saw one of my bigger tomatoes finally turning red. How long will I hold out before picking it?

For more photos with a little or a lot of red, visit Ruby Tuesday:
Ruby Tuesday

Mrs. S. says

Gorgeous pictures!

Can I have my peach and eat it, too?
LOL! That's the beauty of blogging: even after you eat it in the real world, you can still have it in the blogosphere... :-)

felisol says

"She had a complexion like peach skin",I've read it in some forgettable novel, but the words came back, when I saw your pictures.
Wouldn't that be nice; flawless, soft and reddish?
If I get my greenhouse before I'm eighty, I'll try tomato growing too.
As for now, I can just envy you the delicious fruits. (I mean somebody told me, theywere fruit and not vegetables.

Gunnar was fine with portraying Shylock. The pictures I took during the play were a catastrophic. Besides, he's assumed to have 1/16 or 1/32 Jewish genes. One can see it on his brother, but on this closeup he's as good a Shylock as any.

To get a better understanding of Ulysses, it's almost necessary to have a certain knowledge about Irish history. I wrote a special paper about Home Rule for Ireland in 1967, and have been caught up with the Irish ever since.

@nemonen says

I wouldn´t mind to taste one or two of them. They are really tasty and juicy now.

Ilana-Davita says

You have once again managed to capture the velvety texture of the peaches in a nice way. And the tomatoes look very appetizing.

Leora says

I do like photographing peaches, don't I?

Ilana-Davita says

At least you're good at it! :-)

Ralph says

A sweet ruby tomato is a wonderful treat - it would be easy to pick and ass a dash of salt to enhance the sweetness. We have a few tomatoes, mostly the small 100s that ripen faster. fresh tomato and basil salad, it can't be too far away - we hope...

Tink *~*~* says

Mmmmm, peaches! Having transplanted from LI to FL a few years back, peach season comes a bit sooner for me now - but I look just as forward to it as I did when I was up there.

Tink *~*~*

life ramblings says

Tomatoes and peaches are my favourites and they are a great source of antioxidants too.

chubskulit says

I love peaches

Rajesh says

Wonderful shots. I love peaches.

ramblingwoods says

There is some good produce here too. I love this time of year as we can find organics grown locally....

Raven says

A good peach is a glorious thing (though I prefer nectarines cause I don't like the fuzzy skin on peaches). That first shot of the peaches and tomatoes in the background is my favorite. They're all great shots.

Leora says

Thanks for telling me your favorite; I always enjoy hearing which shot strikes someone the most.

toby says

Yumm, you're making me hungry!

maryt/theteach says

Leora, such delicious, RED peaches and tomatoes! Nice job! You have a gree--, ah, RED thumb! Ha! :)

EG Wow says

Mmmm. And I love both as they SUMMER!

gee says

Tomato! Tomato! We love tomatoes... ;O

mizhelle says
annie says

I've fallen in love with our local farmer's market. We have lots of produce stands in our area but there is something about a farmer's market that is just so enticing. Your produce looks luscious and yummy.

Jew Wishes says

Delicious looking peaches and tomatoes!

Farmer's Markets are a delight in summer.

Carver says

I can almost taste those tomatoes and peaches they looks so good.


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