Thursday Challenge: Movement

Jazz dancers begin their moves
Jazz dancers begin their moves

Thursday Challenge‘s theme is “MOVEMENT” (Shaking, Falling, Bouncing, Jumping, Curling, Sagging,…).

Next Week: CARS (New, Old, Sedans, Convertibles, Station Wagons, Sports,…)

Ballet Dancer and Egypt

ballet dancer with duck on head
A drawing by my daughter: what does this ballet dancer and Ancient Egypt have in common? Perhaps someone who knows ancient Egyptian history can help. Or maybe you are familiar with some midrashim related to parshat Shmot? (I’m not, but I gather that’s how my daughter got the idea).

What do you see?

Review with Tap Dancer

getting ready to dance tap on stage
Here’s my daughter getting ready to dance tap on stage last Saturday night. This is my entry for Straight Out of the Camera, hosted by Jan on Murrieta 365.

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detail from painting by Elaine Wenger dancing ballet girl up close petunias
cooking at Neot Kedumim ballet dances in purple dresses with sepia background rhododendron icicles
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Ballet Dancer with Red Hearts

dancing ballet girl
I am very proud at how much my daughter has progressed in dance. She opened her group’s ballet performance with this move. She and her group of eight-year-old performed three nights, the youngest group to do so. Luckily, the dance teacher decorated the back walls with red, so I could use this for Ruby Tuesday.

Masquerade Ballet in Sepia

masquerade ballet in sepia
This was my favorite dance at my daughter’s ballet recital (not counting the ballet, tap and jazz dances she performed, of course). It seemed like a fitting ballet for this time of year; on Sunday Jews around the world celebrate the holiday of Purim, and dressing up in costume is part of the tradition.

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bench in sepia

Hair Bow of Dancer – SOOC

hair bow
Bow of Dancer Waiting Her Turn to Go on Stage

My daughter’s dance rehearsal and show was last week. Lots of girls from ages 3 to teenagers performed ballet, tap and jazz. I love the costumes – they make the performances all the more fun. These girls, a group younger than my daughter, had polka dot outfits.

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Sepia with Teal

I love the color accent setting on my camera. My daughter’s ballet tutu was in teal, so teal got the accent for these photos. In Photoshop, I just adjusted the magenta and yellow settings a bit to add some sepia.

This photo has sentimental value, as the paintings that are highlighted because of the teal setting are my mother’s landscapes.

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Sepia Scenes: Ballet

Girls do ballet, December 2008
Girls do ballet, December 2008
When my flash went off while taking this photo, I thought: a good candidate for Sepia Scenes. I had to neutralize those red eyes anyway, so while I was in Photoshop, I made the photo sepia (or maybe you could call this brown?).

Girls do ballet, December 2008 in color
Girls do ballet, December 2008 in color
I then added a bit of color back in by deleting the parts from one layer that I wanted colored. The colored layer underneath then showed.

Here’s the original, yucky, red-eyed shot. I took out the door at left by using the clone stamp.

Just came back from a child-friendly New Year’s party… we toasted 2009 at Greenwich Time, which I now know is 7 pm our time, EST. Do you think my daughter (she’s 6) will go to bed at a reasonable hour?

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