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Purple Dresses Sepia Dancers

ballet dances in purple dresses with sepia background
I converted the whole photograph except the bright purple ballet dresses to sepia.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice result. I like the look of confidence of the little black girl.

Risa says

It portrays a dream mood. Sort of like a poem. Very nice.

Rune K says

I like the shadow of the girl to the right, as she turns the oter way. A good capture

annie says

Now purple and sepia is a combination I would not have imagined together but your picture makes a bold and surprising statement. I love the movement of the dancers, the intensity of their expressions, and the delightful frame of hearts around the one dancer's head.

Josep says

Great effect! And they look lovely.

felisol says

The Three Graces are just captivating.
So focused by the dance and the moves, and
innocent about their own beauty.
I can almost hear the music inside my head,
and sense the intensity from the wardrobe, applying make up and fitting costumes...
all those years ago.
Sepia and purple work splendid together.

Rayna Eliana says

I am so glad you left the dresses purple. What a lovely photo. I like the motion and the shadows.

Leora says

Purple is one of my favorite colors. I made my bridesmaids wear purple at my wedding.

EG Wow says

I like the way the purple pops in this photo! Nice work!

Jill says

So beautiful!