Sepia Scenes: Ballet

Girls do ballet, December 2008
Girls do ballet, December 2008
When my flash went off while taking this photo, I thought: a good candidate for Sepia Scenes. I had to neutralize those red eyes anyway, so while I was in Photoshop, I made the photo sepia (or maybe you could call this brown?).

Girls do ballet, December 2008 in color
Girls do ballet, December 2008 in color
I then added a bit of color back in by deleting the parts from one layer that I wanted colored. The colored layer underneath then showed.

Here’s the original, yucky, red-eyed shot. I took out the door at left by using the clone stamp.

Just came back from a child-friendly New Year’s party… we toasted 2009 at Greenwich Time, which I now know is 7 pm our time, EST. Do you think my daughter (she’s 6) will go to bed at a reasonable hour?

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