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Review with Tap Dancer

getting ready to dance tap on stage
Here’s my daughter getting ready to dance tap on stage last Saturday night. This is my entry for Straight Out of the Camera, hosted by Jan on Murrieta 365.

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detail from painting by Elaine Wenger dancing ballet girl up close petunias
cooking at Neot Kedumim ballet dances in purple dresses with sepia background rhododendron icicles
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Jan says

Oh, this is delightful. I remember my daughters' recitals. Thanks for sharing.

Dubsters says

aww i want to see my daughter in that dancing shoes too.

MarieElizabeth says

Oh what fun! I love to watch how children progress through dance classes. It's like seeing their personality develop right in front of your eyes.

Mimi says teenager started with ballet and now dances modern. Am I the only fool to get choked up when she watches children dancing?

Mrs. S. says

Shavua tov, and thanks for including my post!

Ilana-Davita says

Nice photo at the top.
Lots of great links; thank you. How did you come across the Macobiotic Thai workshop? You are right the meal does look tasty.
Thank you for linking to my post.

Leora says

"How did you come across the Macobiotic Thai workshop?" If a topic interests me, as macrobiotics does, I subscribe to many blogs on the topic. My Google Reader overfloweth. Sometimes I unsubscribe, because I can't remember why I was interested in a certain blog or topic.

Janis says

Dance recitals are so cute to watch...I had many as a kid (I loved tap) and my 3rd grand daughter has had one so far. Nice Shot!

gengen says

Oh she is cute i like to see her dancing hehehe. Happy SOOC Sunday.

EG Wow says

That is such a precious photo of your daughter getting ready to dance! I really, really like it.

Rachel says

Thank you for the link, Leora! I hope the tap dancing went well!

Joyful says

Lovely capture. I like your daughter's colour selection.

Rayna Eliana says

What a precious photo...I just love her delicate looking hands.

Thank you for the link.


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