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Farmers Market Reds

bouquet with red, orange, yellow, blue, purple
Friday was a beautiful, not too hot day in Highland Park. What a joy to visit the farmer’s market. I usually buy peaches, yellow squash, parsley and a cucumber. If the organic stand features kale, I buy some of that, too. What produce do you like to buy?

sunflower with tomatoes in the back

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Ruby Tuesday

Maria @ LSS says

Beautiful reds! Happy RT.

Cafe au lait says

Those are pretty blooms. I always enjoy going to the market to buy fresh produce.

I played too. Mine are here and here.

Kim says

I love going to a farmers market, those flowers are so beautiful!
A Chevrolet red pick up

lazyclick says

Beautiful flowers.

EG Wow says

The blossoms are to die for! Your photo is stunning!

This time of year, I buy zucchini, leaf lettuce and peaches. I grow tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley so I don't need them. ;-)

Leora says

This is my first year growing cucumbers. I got a few, but then the groundhog ate one of my vines. We sent him/her off to a distant park. Haven't had as many as I like.

No matter how much parsley I grow, it's never enough. It may be too late to plant more seeds for fall.

felisol says

The idea of a farmers market is hopefully a reality by us too, in a couple of years.
I'd love to go there buying vegetables and fresh sun ripen fruit.
I probably would buy so many flowers I could afford.
I usually buy flowers, mostly for the garden once a week. They are food for my soul.

It would be so nice to see you in Haugesund!!!

Ralph says

Anything that is local and fresh is what interests me at a farmer's market. I await the freshest of vegetables which come from faraway in the Winter, but is okay. However, produce from less than a hour away is the best...

Ilana-Davita says

What a lot of bright colors in your first shot! Very cheerful.

carolyUSA says

I love your composition of the sunflowers and tomatoes! Beautiful! And, those flowers...oh, so pretty!

eden says

Great shots. Love the two images.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

chubskulit says

The flowers are gorgeous!

Dinner at Fujiyama for my RT

Carletta says

Oh Leora - what a gorgeous mix of flowers! I think I held my breath when the picture came up. :)
The focus on the flowers in the second - nice job!
I love to buy good ripe cantelope and fresh corn on the cob to go with my own fresh tomatoes and green beans.

phyllis says

i just love that second shot. beautiful!!!!

Dianne says

I love the way you shot the sunflowers with the tomotoes in the background
really pretty photo

I posted some shots from Longstreet Farm, I had a lovely afternoon wandering around the farm

Leora says

Dianne, I greatly enjoyed your Longstreet Farm post. The photos made me smile.

Dianne says

I didn't go in the old house although I took tons of shots of the outside
it was getting really hot - 90+ and my back and legs were giving out

have you ever been to Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, I was there yesterday
a photographers paradise

Leora says

"Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown" - I will check it out, thanks for the suggestion!

regszikora says

The floral arrangements are perfect

Jew Wishes says

The reds are beautiful and varied tones! I love the sunflowers in the second photo...gorgeous!

Happy RT!

Jientje says

I love the composition of that sunflower picture. I LOVE to buy tomatoes at a farmers market. I think they're a lot tastier than supermarket tomatoes.

Leora says

I can't understand how anyone would buy a supermarket tomato! I grow my own - those are tasty and sweet.

Carver says

These shots from the farmer's market are a feast for the eye. Gorgeous!


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