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Live Trace: Tomatoes at Market

Farmers Market, Highland Park, New Jersey
Farmer's Market, Highland Park, New Jersey

I decided to play a bit with the Live Trace tool in Illustrator and came up with this version of one of my photos of the Highland Park Farmer’s Market. I want an illustration for my upcoming soup post, though this one won’t be it. But the tool has potential for other projects.

For more on the Live Trace tool, see this Illustrator tutorial.

Ilana-Davita says

This is very good. It makes me think of some graphic novels.

Robin from Israel says

I like it. Very Andy Warhol.

Leora says

Thanks, Robin and Ilana-Davita, to responding to this pic. I get a little anxious when I try something new - I kind of like it, but will others?

Maybe I'll get brave enough to use the effect for a meme. I could also, via Photoshop, try doing parts of it more realistic and parts posterized. This Live Trace effect seems to work better than the "posterizing" filter I've used in Photoshop.

ramblingwoods says

I like that...and now I have another idea to play with. ...Michelle

Leora says

Yes, it does help one think of news to present an image, doesn't it?


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