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Pink Magnolia Bud

pink magnolia bud
If you go to North Eighth Avenue in Highland Park today, most of the pink magnolia buds will probably be on the ground. I haven’t taken out my camera since April 17. There are other trees in bloom in Highland Park, but if I can spare a bit of time over the next few days, I am hoping to take out my watercolors and start a new painting. Not sure what will inspire me.

Thursday Challenge theme is SPRING. Next week: BEAUTIFUL (Attactive, Wonderful Colors, Hair, Smile,…)

♫ Melody ♫ says

Indeed, most of the magnoliabuds in my backyard lie on the ground...
Cirkle of life it is but i would like it when the buds stay longer in bloom on the plant ;-)

Nice picture!

Good luck getting inspired enough to paint!

Robin from Israel says

What beautiful bokeh!

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Rayna Eliana says

What a beauty, a pure beauty.

Ilana-Davita says

It is beautiful! I like the background too.

Amin says

Lovely shot.

fotochuk says

Great composition!

jokezelf says

Amazing picture.