Oh Deer, Rabbit and Magnolia

three deer in a backyard
I saw one then two then three deer in a neighbor’s backyard. I approached them with my camera, and they backed into this corner. Then two hopped the fence. The last one stayed behind and nibbled an evergreen bush. New Jersey is getting so developed the deer are living everywhere, or so it seems.

This rabbit seems to be living in our backyard. I saw him twice yesterday.

magnolia bloom
My neighbor’s magnolia tree has started to blossom. You can see the buds of the magnolia on this post. The yellow background in this photo is from the forsythia.

magnolia blue background
I decided to give my magnolia blossom a blue background.

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11 thoughts on “Oh Deer, Rabbit and Magnolia

  • I love the shot of the deer. You captured them so well. I also love the hidden rabbit. Such a pleasure to see wildlife. Lovely magnolia blossom

  • Magnolias smell so good. I ran past a tree yesterday that was in full bloom – not many are right now yet. I was surprised to see it (it may not be magnolia up here), but even on the windy day I could smell it. I love those blossoming trees!

  • The magnolia blossom is so pretty. It looks like a silk flower!! It seems development is everywhere. I’ve been visiting here in TX and I call it Cement City. The sprawl is like an erupting volcano, except the molten lava is replaced by cement. It’s very disturbing. I wonder what the poor deer are thinking about all this? Reminds me of that old story, Watership Down by Richard Adams. This evening there was a bullfrog at the front door. I’m staying in an abhorring housing development that is house after house after house built 20′ apart. I’ll bet he’s confused!!

  • The magnolia is lovely.

    You know, I’ve seen a few deer this year too. Usually when they overpopulate some sort of disease strikes them. I wonder what gonna happen next.

  • Oh pretty flowers…I guess you are having the same issues with deer that many suburbs have including mine…Many car accidents in the fall due to deer..I wish there was some kind of deer birth control..or maybe there is….Michelle

    • I’m afraid deer birth control might involve hunting. That’s seems be the case for the over population of bears in New Jersey.

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