Review with Magnolia Buds

magnolia buds
Magnolia Buds in January 2010

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  • Ilana-Davita asked some good questions about the parsha (which is Bo, about the end of the ten plagues and is quite violent).
  • I finally finished reading Laish by Aharon Appelfeld, which is reviewed beautifully here by Jew Wishes. I cannot even begin to imagine being a 15 year old without parents who is raised by this caravan, but in some ways it is similar to Aharon Appelfeld’s story, who also lost his parents quite young.
  • Mrs. S. is playing one of my favorite games, Othello. But she seems to be changing the rules.
  • Muqata has an eye witness account about the IDF field hospital in Haiti: “A doctor and nurse from Germany came. They heard this is best hospital in Haiti. An emergency room team from Colombia arrived with all their equipment and asked if they could set up next to us to be part of our hospital. England is the enlightened country in Europe, the one which has an academic boycott of Israel; twenty British doctors and nurses asked to work with us.”
  • Melissa wrote “It Takes a Community.”

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