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Today’s Flowers: Early Spring

crocus with orange stripe
Enjoy the lovely striped crocuses with orange stamen that grow in front of my home.

white crocus
I also have white crocuses that popped up recently next to my sidewalk.

The first periwinkle has shown its purplish blue petals on the side of my house.

crocus purple bunch
This is a fun bunch of purple crocuses that emerged under my climbing rose bush.

deer nibbled
My neighbor just showed me where the deer have already nibbled at his (and my) tulips.

deer nibbled marked
The pink markings show where the deer nibbled (upper left) and the deer hoof (bottom right). I am thinking of buying blood meal. Other deer-friendly scare tactics welcome.

Ilana-Davita says

Great selection. Spring has definitely arrived.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Ah! Spring has arrived and so have the deer!

My Today’s Flower’s post is at
More of Me - EG

Robin says

I love crocuses, they're such happy flowers, maybe because they're the harbingers of the long-awaited and much desired spring.

kayleen says

I just love those striped crocuses! So different and so pretty. Sorry, can't help with your deer problem.

Valkyrien says

Beautiful collection of spring flowers! And the deers have to live to!

Leora says

Yes, my neighbor said at least we are feeding the deer! And maybe we will be eating venison soon? :-)

Gmirage says

We have the same flowers today! :) I also saw tulip leaves but didnt take fotos, and thank goodness there aint goats around :D hopefully your other tulips will sprout!

please see also my swf post for the photo you requested but not with the lamp yet...have a happy week! ;)

guild-rez says

Your post tells me, spring has arrived:)
Love your pictures!!
Deer problem? Go to or Google and type in "deer proof plants". Here you'll find over 100 sites to choose from. Good luck!!

Arija says

Superb light on your Crocuses! Things certainly are moving in your garden.

Baila says

We didn't have deer in my area of Long Island, but some animal used to nibble at my tulips as well.

Love the crocuses. Has the forsythia come out yet?

Leora says

No on the forsythia, but the buds look a bit more developed than last week.

Gill says

great Spring photos..........

Gill in Canada

Tarolino, Finland says

Crocuses are to me the very epiphany of spring. Glad the deer haven't got to all the lovely flowers. It is not always so easy to coexist with the natural world. My crocus bulbs were eaten up already in the autumn by mice.

Lorri says

Beautiful photos...the crocus are lovely. Periwinkles are a favorite of mine, too.

I have had some luck with using a pinwheel to keep animals away. The motion bothers them.

Leora says

I mentioned the whirlygig things to my neighbor. But they might look rather ugly in our front yards. Glad to hear they actually worked for you.

naturegirl says

I'twonderful to Spring poking through the earth and I can see the visiting deer think so too!

Fishing Guy says

Leora: I love that variegated purple crocus. I saw one of my neighbors had them today.

ramblingwoods says

The deer don't usually eat my tulips..of course now they will..

Annie says

Hi Leora. Thanks for visiting my Today's Flowers post! I am enjoying the signs of Spring in New Jersey there. Especially that wonderful blue crocus. Amazing. Must make the long winter worthwhile to see these bloom! I am heading off the NYC to visit my daughter and her little family later this week, so am looking forward to sharing Spring there with everyone!

Pupo - Brasil says

Great post, my friend!

I love the first one.

Thanks for sharing.

Joyoz says

crocuses? is that the name of the first photo? I heart it..beautiful

Leora says

Yes, those are crocuses. One is a crocus.

Today's Blah... says

Wow, they are very fine shots, so macro and I love the clarity of each shot. I can now appreciate the crocuses.

Leora says

Thanks, these are some of my favorite flowers.

mymy says

Such a unique flowers. Great posts.

mimi says

Such a wonderful post. Keep it up.

hihorosie says

Oh these pics make me even more excited for spring! Beautiful pics.

Carletta says

I've been reading through the comments and I must say with all the deer I have in my yard - I don't think there is a plant they won't eat. :) Prickly ones maybe. Even plants from that list someone mentioned - I have some of those and they are nibbled on.
I LOVE the striped crocus!
I can't believe you are so far ahead of us. I have daffodils and my forsythia is in full bloom.
Strange the differences in climate.

The Jewish Side says

Now I understand, our garden also has a rosebush, so maybe the crocus's came because of that? because we didn't plant them, and haven't been maintaining our garden.